The Brethren - Who are we? What are we? Where did we come from.

Who? Our Charter What

• To promote the art of low and slow thru education, friendships, and camaraderie

.• To assist our members to produce the best BBQ they ever made, and thru this food, comes our ability to educate the public, our friends, our family, to what is REAL BBQ.

• To build the best knowledge base on the internet for BBQ.

• To maintain an open mind that there is NO ONE WAY, and No perfect cooker. We live by the fact that it is the cook not the cooker, its the passion not the steel, that produces great BBQ. We support and respect all techniques and all pits.

• To encourage those that have even the slightest interest or curiosity in Competition BBQ to get out there and compete. Our new and our veteran competitors are here to help you take that walk to the podium.

• Most important, To have FUN. To enjoy our craft, to enjoy our friendships and to build on the passion that lets us go to bed smelling like smoke and wake up with soot on our pillows.

The short answer: A Web site based BBQ Group. The real answer, a brotherhood, community and extended Family.

Upon arrival to our site, you will see the surface, a BBQ group and a bunch of people posting on a forum. It goes much further, which will become evident in a short time. As you explore you will see the different forums, and aspects of group as well as a host of characters and personalities. We pride ourselves on being unique, and different form other forums out there. Here, we have a spirit, it is known as the “Spirit of the Brethren”. Members, often after only a few days, recognize this, they see the respect, the friendships and the true family atmosphere that resides here. The lack of flame wars, pissing contests and posturing. We are real, here 24/7 and it's rare that a question goes unanswered for any length of time.

Our forum is divided into several topics. The "Clean 3" are Qtalk, Competition and Discussion & Reflection. They are On topic forums where we try to pretty much stay on topic. It is our knowledge base and we prefer not to have to wade through tons of banter to find an answer. However, part of our culture is... we are a bunch of jokers and wise guys. One liners and wise cracks have been know to sneak in. We do our best not to let it get out of hand, and the moderators clean up when needed.

Woodpile is general purpose, where we hang out and shoot the breeze, Is also a free for all, no topics and just about anything goes.

We have some special purpose forums. News and Politics, jokes, for sale, announcements, etc. Read the descriptions, for each forum and you'll get the hang of it quickly.

One thing we insist though. No porn. None. We are family friendly. Not that the wife and kids will come here, but they may be sitting next to us, or in the room looking over a shoulder. Nothing should go up that can be embarrassing, or offensive.






Where did we come from??

We started on Yahoo in May 2002 in an established Bandera group. A few key members joined and the activity of the group immediately increased significantly. Within months we were breaking post records. However, once winter hit, cooking slowed down and we used the yahoo group to stay in touch. Some older members from that group didn't like the banter and a flame war ensued. At that point, march of 2003, we splintered off and formed the Bandera-Brethren on Yahoo. Within days, all the main posters form the old group moved to ours and the old group fell silent. The Bandera Brethren grew quickly and within a few months, we realized that Yahoo did not suit our needs. We needed a way to organize our culture. To separate our BBQ talk with all the other banter that goes on during a backyard BBQ. We also wanted a place for recipes, photos, file uploads, etc. A full featured web site was the answer. Thus the formation of WWW.BANDERA-BRETHREN.COM. A full web site gave us the flexibility we needed, and the timing happen to coincide with a medical leave. Our founder went out on medical leave from work and had the time to build the site, which took about 2 months. The official launching of "The Brethren" was on his birthday 8/11/2003.

The forum is laid out as such, Qtalk is the Pit area, where all the work is being done. Woodpile is the deck area where everyone is hanging out chatting, Discussion and Reflection, the quiet are in the back, by the waterfall, where more serious discussion is taking place, void of the banter and humor. The separation of the forums enabled us to begin building a knowledge base.....

To be continued.

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