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Originally Posted by CharlieBeasley
Sorry I missed out on the vote but I normally thaw out meet in the refrigerator , time permitting. Else I set it on the counter wrapped. (this is for home consumption) I would asked that although we are discussing this as applies to competition, catering, or restaurant which is dictated by fear of litigation more than reality or common sense why are the rules becoming more strict as the care feeding and cleanliness requirements are going up as well. The chance of germs that cause the problems are poisoned and or radiated and the chances of being around compared to say my grandmothers day (when cooked meat was left out for days at a time) are slim. Are we as a society killing our selfs with clean?
This is a very good question. IMO I think the answer is yes. We as a society are probably weakening our immune systems by not being exposed to as many things as we used to. Henceforth making ourselves more suseptible in the future.
Again JMO
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