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Originally Posted by cinmur View Post
Planning on doing a pig bbq in the ground for my 1st time. Is there a problem of it becoming overcooked? Was going to put it in the ground around midnight, but would not eat till around 4-5 the next day, thus it would be in there for around 16 hrs. We could put it in early in the morning, but I do not want to babysit fire all night waiting for coals. Also what do most put inside the pig? Thanks

You should be fine. Not sure what size of pig you are cooking but if you have the pit sealed so no air can get in, the hot coals will slowly die out and cook the pig low and slow all night.
Thus the need for a DEEP bed of hot coals to begin with. (use hardwood so the coals will burn longer too)
By the time you're ready for the pig, the coals should be fairly dead.
If air gets into the pit, your drippings will catch on fire.
Bury the pig then watch for smoke escaping, throw more dirt on if needed.

You can stuff a pig with anything, I like onions, apples, jalapenos, garlic, and seasonings. If you lay the pig in the pit on it's back, the skin holds in the juices.
Sometimes the pigs I've cooked are TOO big to lay that way, so they get placed on their side.

Good luck with it!

Originally Posted by BBQ Bandit View Post
A Brethen Sister known as Cowgirl has that mastered.
Drop her a PM.

Here's her detailed thread with pics...
Not mastered but I've cooked more than I can count. The more of them you do the easier it gets. You know what to watch out for and what to expect.

Thanks Bandit....
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