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I cook for large groups of folks on a regular basis, although not a caterer, and I usually buy Kroger butts between 8-10 pounds per butt and I can count on about 5.5 pounds of average rendered meat per butt.

Like others have said, I typically plan for about 1/3 of a pound of meat for each patron. If I were doing this cook, I would expect that i would need 25 pounds of rendered meat, assuming 75 meals. I always buy for potential maximums.

So I would buy 5 butts that average about 9 pounds each and you should be fine. Because that is allowing a tiny bit of excess for 75 if you come in less than 75 you will have extra, and you can expect if there are women and children eating that you will not be doing 1/3 of a pound to each of them, which will make up for some of your big boys who will eat more than a 1/3 of a pound.

good luck, I hope it goes great!
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