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Default How many Pounds per person of Pulled Pork should I plan?

OK, here's my problem. My wife's school is planning a fund raiser and she's told me that they are going to do a Pulled Pork lunch sale and I've been voluntold that I'll be cooking these things. I'm not worried about cost's and anything, that's being taken care of with the school's credit card, so there's really no cost to me except charcoal, wood, and my time. Meat, seasoning,s anything else, goes on them. Some of you old-timers here will remember me and know I can cook. I've just never cooked for a large group before. I've never been a caterer and never really wanted to be. I just liked to smoke meat, have a drink, and enjoy the comradery.

Just not sure, how many butts I should plan on. They typically do these and sell between 50-75 meals when they do these things.

So, I'm wondering, how many, per-cooked, pounds per meal should I plan to be cooking for these meals? They will be packaged in the standard 3 hole clam shell with beans and slaw and will either be served with roll or a bun( that hasn't been decided yet) so it can be either a meal or sandwich.

I'm not doing this to make money for myself, just the group. It's one of many different fund raisers they have planned so this won't be do all or end all money making event. I just basically need to have a decent idea of how much I should plan on prepping and cooking in order to have enough.

I was thinking, about 1lb per meal to take into consideration pre-cook vs. post cook weight. I still don't know if that would be too much or not enough.

Thank you all in advance for your input and advice. It will be greatly appreciated.

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