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Be careful what you wish for...

This year I witnessed a team split apart based on lack of commitment (time and money) and another "all family" team split as well. Not sure why, but its none of my business.

We are a father and son team, 2010 was our first season and we competed in ten competitions (May-Oct). My son is ten, so I limit him on what he can do and it was not an easy start. However, each comp got easier and easier to setup, prep, cook, sleep, clean up and break down. It is a long two days, but it is manageable.

I have tried to get a friend or two to help out, but it is more work keeping them engaged when they don't have the desire or commitment to do much more than visit and drink.

My wife helped me on one comp and it was awesome. One extra set of adult hands definitely helps, but I don't think more is always better. Too many cooks in the kitchen can spoil the fun quickly. I enjoy bbq competitions because they are fun!

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