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I've used the RO Chef's Select in my CG offset and like it alot. Haven't tried it in the UDS yet.
Very natural smell/flavor even more so than that of Stubbs and long burn time.
fair amount of ash, but it's what I consider "soft ash" it falls away nicely from the burning center to allow a consistent burn.

It does spark a little bit as it lights, but not enough to make crazy sparks flying everywhere... it's 100% hardwood char which tends to spark a bit anyways in my expirence.

If you try it in the UDS, I would not add any wood chips or chunks to it, I think you'll get a great smoke from the briqs as they light... thats my plan anyways!

I use the pecan chunks and apple chunks from doitbest and love them as well. large chunks, small amount of bark - less than others I've tried - and a good price.
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