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Originally Posted by dudz View Post
Also anyone who has used the RO chefs select briquettes tell me what do you think of them...Just want some opinions bedore I buy a bag.
You and me both. Evidently, not too many folks have tried it.

BTW, I wouldn't be too concerned about ash with your UDS. If it's real windy, just shut your vents before you take the lid off. Ash choking the fire is mainly an issue with offsets.

Have you tried just straight Stubbs briquettes in your drum? I use lump, but really think it's "flavor" is often exxagerated. Once I smoked some chicken in an offset using RO lump and no wood just to see what it would be like. To tell you the truth, it could've passed for oven-baked, and nobody at the table disagreed with me, either! I'm sure my pallette isn't as discerning as others, but just sayin'...

The thing is, I don't want to "taste what Kingsford smells like", so I just use what smells good, which is pretty much any lump or "natural" briquette like Stubbs or the old Rancher I used to be able to get. Maybe the RO chef's select is all natural. I don't know for sure. I know, it's all in my head, but paraphrasing, even Jim Minion has expressed concerns about using his method with something like K briquettes. I believe he's used Duraflame hardwood charcoal....but yeah, folks have loaded chit loads of K into their wsm's and won contests, I know. It doesn't change the fact that the stuff stinks, though, does it?

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