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Originally Posted by BBQchef33 View Post
ok, I'll make it more clear.....

admin note(Again):

1 -this has NOTHING do with moink, meat balls, or MOINK balls.

2 -RE: 'no pics, didnt happen'.. What started out as some ribbing, progressed into folks abusing it, to the point of other members NOT posting cooks and experiences because they didnt have pictures and just didn't want to here the same old catch phrase. In other words, it got old.. and prevented members from participating. As admin, thats something i wont condone... Admin staff is here to encourage participation and if we see something that negatively effects it, we step in.

2 - Seriously asking for a photo to better envision a posts content is not the same.

3 - The correct or incorrect spelling of a bacon wrapped meatball will not have a negative effect on the forum or stop people from posting overall experiences.. there is no correlation.
I also quit posting due to the people who would say no pics didn;t happen. Not worth trying to post anything.
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