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Default Time requirements for 7 bone Chuck

You all have discussed smoking chuck roast before, many, many, many times, (in threads with horribly vague titles such as "How to smoke chuck?" and "chuck roll /chuck roast??" .....). I intend on doing some this weekend to pull. I'll be doing probably a 4 pound bone in and season it like a brisket smoking at 220*, foiling around 165*, and coolering around 195* .

My real question is related to time though. I seem to recall hearing that for some reason a chuck roast takes forever to come up to temp, like up to three(!) hours a pound to get above 190. If this is the case, I need to know ahead of time, so my in-laws are not hanging around till midnight.

What's the verdict? Is this thing gonna outlast my 6 lb pork butt in the smoker?
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