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Originally Posted by RustyPup View Post
...And yeah - as JimmyK mentioned, check out your drum before having it blasted. The first thing the blaster asked me was if it was covered in rust. If it had been, he couldn't guarantee that the blaster wouldn't blow through it. Thankfully, my drum was in pretty good shape, with very little rust. Dented like all get-out, but very little rust...

I was quoted R$150 today (about US$75) to sand-blast the drum and they thought it would take about 1.5 hours!

Now, I wasn't sure if sand-blasting was something to do BEFORE the burn out to take all traces of paint off, or AFTER the burn-out as you suggest. Does sand-blasting clean it right back to clean metal? I am thinking about taking one of my recent burnt drums to them and seeing how long it does take - if they say R$150 for 1.5 hours, that means R$50 for something that takes 30 mins (about $25) which is pretty reasonable!
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