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Originally Posted by Blutch View Post
I went ahead and wrapped the chucks in two layers of parchment paper. I don't think it will work for the brisket as it is a big brisket and the parchment paper isn't wide enough. I might try the butcher paper. It does say "SAFE FOR FOOD." but it is definitely sold there as something to color or draw on. I couldn't find butcher paper anywhere else locally, but didn't go to restaurant supply.. it is on the other side of town.
Well, a restaurant supply store would be a great starting place, but they might only stock the white, not the pink or brown. My Sam's Club has rolls of the white.... 18" X 500' for $17. The brown is available online but be prepared to pay about half the price for shipping...... however, it's handy to layout on your kitchen counters when you are prepping stuff, it makes clean-up a dream. I also use it as tray liners, and when wrapping up delicate stuff for mailing.

Hopefully the parchment will hold the juices, chucks really benefit from a wrapped finish, where as brisket has a different amount of fat and can stay moist without wrapping.

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