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Originally Posted by dirtydingus View Post
So, after judging 3 contests you're one of those that brings your own personal likes and dislikes to the judging table? You're the kind of judge that makes a team cringe. Before you get too set in your judging mistakes, you should retake the judging class, AND LISTEN THIS TIME! OR QUIT JUDGING!
Originally Posted by Ron_L View Post
I have no idea how you got that out of the quoted post

But, stop the personal attacks! Feel free to discuss this civilly, but this type of attack is not going to be tolerated.
Ron, I don't think that was pointed to me, I know he is a MCBJ, just as I am. I also visit at contests with him and his wife, when both of us were cooking, have even shared my chicken with them. I think he was making the point that I hoped my quote would make on the OP.....don't come to the judging tent looking for a specific kind, flavor, look, etc. A judge should leave all those things at the door and just judge the entries as presented. He is overthinking it for just judging 3 times.

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