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Default Dad wants a pig roast for his 70th birthday. have questions.

I built a 120gallon reverse flow smoker last winter and the whole time I was building it my dad would say " could you cook a pig on that thing?" or "we should try a pig" or " I wonder where we would even get a pig"

well the cooker is done now he want a pig roast for his birthday. We are planning on about 75 adults and 15 kids under ten. I am going to make grilled chicken and roast smoke a pig. Coleslaw, beans, and potato salad for sides.

now my ?s. How big of a pig should I get? I can always smoke a pork butt or two if needed. and what is the cook times if I smoking it at the sweet spot of the smoker 260-270? any thing I need to make sure I tell the butcher? or to watch out for? any tips you can give me? I have never done a pig before. I know I know try a smaller one first, but I am not worried about it. I cook comps and will have 2 other comp guys with me. Thanks,
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