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Wow...some serious BBQ for thought !!!. Valid points from everyone...

Based on my few months as a Brethen, I think this is a relative non-issue based on the nature of the group.This issue is much larger in scale, well beyond the Brethen and resides with the overall rules of KCBS.

BrooklynQ made a point that wifes & girlfriends, are often in the judges tent.... If there is room for judges who sleep and live with competitors, there surely has to be room for the Brethren to "hang out" for a little while. The Brethren exemplify everything that is right about competition BBQ folks. To me, this alone makes the debate needless especially given the fact that it's blind judging. It is nearly impossible to guarantee pefection to the rules in anything. Cheaters will always cheat in every sport and their will be some who will do whatever it takes to win.

A judge takes an oath, and if it means so much for a team win a cheesy trophy by having a judge give them a high score that is undeserved, then to hell with them.... The best of the best will always stand out in the long run.

Wouldn't it suck to have a ton of trophies only for a non-BBQ afficianado to taste your food and tell you your BBQ taste like goat sh*t ?
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