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I'm new to the game, but it impresses me that you guys have put so much thought into it. Phil, you flew 1000+ miles to judge, but the real draw was to see your extended family (Brethren). You were cooking on borrowed equipment (not coaching), and you extended the offer to forgoe judging if anyone became concerned. No matter what you do, people will form their own oppinion, so all you can do is be as honest as possible, and do it with as much class as you can muster.

Looking at it from my personal perspective, although I want to win, I want to be judged accurately and honestly. If my turn-ins are bad, I want to know that they are bad, and vise-versa. If I win, I want to know that I won on my own merit! This is the only way that I can improve. The best judges of improper conduct would be Jimmy, Tim, Dave, and the others that were with you, as they were the ones who would be accused of any benefits. Anyway, the bottom line is try to show as much respect to the other competitors as possible, but that being said, if you don't have fun, then you will cease to contribute to this sport that we all love!
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