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Question, for those of you who do compete, Do you ever find out who judged you? or do you ever find out whose food you judged?

From my perspective only--no and no.
I really do not want to know, but that is just me

And, yes the blind judging takes most of the risk out of a "plant" in the judging tent.

Also, If you have 4 tables or more, one judge will only post one set of scores on one of the team's entries, even if they know who it is. If a judge goes "Hey, that is my Bud Herkimer's entry and gives it 9-9-9, even that will not pull a mediocore entry to the top. It might have a slight influence the rating for an quality entry that was scoring very well anyway, but that is about the extent of the damage.

All of this discussion is not really about screwing with the judging system or doing anything wrong. I am sure all judges call it the way they see it.

The real issue is the "message sent" when other teams can not tell the judges from the teams--perceptual problem.
Can make them wonder, and I understand that.

Good post.

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