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I don't cook in a competitive fashion unless you count being better than the last time I cooked. I was always under the impression that there is no way to tell who made what in the turn in box. I am going by the pics I have sen here and elsewhere on the net. To be honest, I could not tell a brisket slice made by spicewine, from Mistas, from the Poobah's unless the pic had captions.

If I were to go the competitive route, I would be offended to be cooking at a contest and later found out one of the brethren where there, and did not come by on Friday to at least say hi. I have only met in person, 3 other members from here, and I went home with the feeling we were friends.

I check this site hours per day and even if I don't agree with everything on the site, I think of all of you as my friends. If I got out and did the competing thing I would want to hang, drink some brews, share some food with any/all of you.

Now to the unenlighten BBQ'ers who are not yet Brethren, I can see where they can imagine some amiss about a judge hanging out with me before a contest. On the other hand, since there is no way he/she can pick whose meat he will be looking at, I don't see the problem. Sure I don't think a Brethren tee shirt should be worn in the judges tent during the judging. I but this is more to appease other people than make me happy.

Question, for those of you who do compete, Do you ever find out who judged you? or do you ever find out whose food you judged?

I agree that the fact this is something you are worried about means that you are in no way trying to cheat, or influence a contest.
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