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Originally Posted by wsm View Post
This thread is making me think that when I get a Brethern hat/shirt, I won't wear it while judging, and while visiting on Friday night, I shall not wear judging gear.

Its all about perceptions and if one is not simultaneously perceived as a judge and as a Brethern, one is not suspected of doing anything wrong.
Judging gear? what is judging gear? Teeth? lol

(just being funny)

On a more serious note. I have only been judging with the PNWBA since I took the class earlier this year.. I agree, it would be very difficult if not impossible for a judge to know who''s is who''s. I love to see what they are doing, say hi. but. I never go into the cooks area on the day of the contest. I wouldn't want even the hint of any wrongdoing to taint my credibility as a judge. Even if I did know who had cooked the dish I would give it an honest score because as someone has said earlier. If you don't get an honest answer you can't make adjustments to correct your Q to be a prize winner in the future. I am a cook and I always want people to tell me what they REALLY think, otherwise I'll cook it that way again. And if you didn't like it the first time I doubt you will like it any better next time,, lol
Great thread.
Thanks Poob
Play with your food,,, PLEASE!

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