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When you log in there is a tab on the left hand side called "special offers".

You will then see a box on the right "no obligation offers" in blue. Click that and keep clicking the "skip button" or answer no to questions. You will be directed all the way to the end and awarded "swagbucks".

Also, after you go to the "special offers" page you will see three tabs "wall 1", "wall 2", "wall 3". Below each tab is another tab called "free". If you click that it will filter all the free offers. Search through some are as easy as downloading a tool bar. Once you are awarded points remove the tool bar. On wall 2 there is usually a video that you can watch and you will receive swagbucks. Watch the video, click the link, close the window that opens, watch the video again if its available. It took me a day or so to understand how to use it also. Now i cruise along and get points.

You can also get points by using the SEARCH bar on Its like google, but if you enter in any random phrase you can be awarded points. They also have facebook and twitter pages that i follow(check once a day) because they put up random CODES that will award you swag codes.
Thanks for signing up. Hopefully you get a hang of it and buy cool things. I am thinking about the ribolator once i find out if the amazon ribolator is the real deal.
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