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Okay, so you want that catch ill give it to you. Ive accumulated the points like crazy and redeemed some for amazon gift cards.
here is the "catch":
Can only redeem two like prizes per day, and can only redeem up to the same prize 5 times per month.

Is this a problem, NO. I ordered QTY 5, $5.00 amazon gift cards and a 25.00 amazon gift card. My wife was nice enough to get me a 5.00 amazon gift card under her name.

Second "catch", amazon gift cards are redeemed only the 16th and 30th of the month. This just means i have to wait to receive them from the "" website. Is this a problem, NO. its free money.

Thanks to swag bucks i now have 55.00 so far to put towards my 95.00 purchase for a Ribolator. In the end if i pay 40.00 of my own money for a ribloator, i would say i got a steal. I also see a few people have signed up under my name, thanks. Its confusing at first, but when you get free stuff its all worth it. No, you wont be able to buy a house, but a few surveys for a ribolator...

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