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Me it is my humble opinion that Cookers make the best judges, we have more insight into what good BBQ is and what too look for. I am a cooker and a Master Judge with the South Carolina BBQ Association. Let me tell you there is no way in blind judging you can tell who cooked what , the only thing we get is the nuber on the box to go by. While judging I wont go around the teams till juding is over but if somebody says good morming when I walk by it only good manners to say it back to em.

Below is what it takes to be a BBQ Judge with the SCBA in South Carolina.

SCBA Requirements
To become a Judge, Certified Judge and Master Judge
The SCBA membership dues are a low $35 annually for an individual or only $45 for a family. After the basic dues are paid the Certification Seminar is only $20.
Members receive notices of activities, invitations to events and an apron and certification certificates when they are certified. They also receive hats when they make Senior Judge and Master Judge.

SCBA Barbeque Judge = Completed the Seminar and ready to judge a contest
Certified SCBA Judge = 1) Completed the course 2) Judged in four different contest, 2 which are SCBA events.
3) Available to judge or work in the Carolina Q Cup
4) Paid your dues

SCBA Senior Judge = 1) Completed the course and any subsequent course2) Judged in 15 contest, 5 of which are different, 10 (total) which are SCBA events.3) Judged in or worked in a Carolina Q Cups, 4) Cooked with a team in a contest.
5) Paid your dues

SCBA Master Judge = 1) Completed the course and any subsequent course 2) Judged in 30 contest, 10 of which are different, 25 (total) which are SCBA events.
3) Judged or worked in 2 different Carolina Q Cups
4) Cooked with at least three teams
5) Paid your dues

Judges may, after they have judged in two different SCBA contests, complete some of their requirements by filling out Restaurant Judging Sheets. These sheets come in packs of 5 (stapled together) and should remain together. A judge may complete one set of 5 restaurants judgings to count as one contest towards becoming a Certified Judge. A Certified Judge may complete three sets of 5 (15 total) to count as three contests towards his Senior Judge’s requirement. A Senior Judge may complete 6 sets of 5 (30 total) to count as 6 contests towards his Master Judge’s requirements.
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