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Originally Posted by Ron_L View Post
Hi Brandon! We'll be there! We're doing steak and KCBS.

Yes, Friday is much better for visiting, but unless I am in the middle of something I always try to talk to folks at any time. Even on Friday night we may be busy at certain times, especially with the steak cook off going on.

But, definitely take the time to walk around if you can! Most of the teams are glad to talk BBQ, but just understand if they are in the middle of something and don't be offended. Just stop by later.

Also, at most competitions the teams aren't allowed to give out samples to the public. We are not health department certified, and also we don't want to take business away from the vendors (if there are any). BUT... We can give out samples to our friends (hint hint ), but as mentioned, we are usually sequestered in our trailer from about 11:45 to 1:30 in Saturday.

Please look for us on both days! Our team is Captain Ron's Brew-n-Que and we cook out of a Wolf Pack toy hauler with 4 Hunsaker drums (and a PK360 for steak). Once we turn in our steak we will be prepping our meats for the KCBS comp, but can still talk. Once that is done, we'll be out and about visiting our friends and neighbors and socializing until we run out of steam (usually about 11 since I am up at 5:30 to light the first two drums)

Here is our typical setup so you can find us easier.

Also, any tips for getting to the competition site? Construction to avoid, etc. This is our first time competing in Warsaw.
That's awesome to hear! Let me know your favorite beverage and I would be glad to refuel the tanks and talk BBQ.

Coming in from US30 its actually pretty easy to get to. There is a little construction on the shoulder in town but you can't miss it without hitting a bunch of tiny side streets. The campground is only like 5 minutes away from US30 on the actual Lake Winona.

Let me know where you're coming from/what route you're taking and I'll highlight a map for you.

One tip of advice to pass to your fellow competitors... DO NOT SPEED AND DO NOT DRINK/DRIVE in Winona Lake or on US30 within 5 miles of the venue. They are probably the worst cops in the county and will drag you out of the car and search it for going 5mph over, so just be careful there.

I don't expect everyone to be friendly or give out stuff at all. I've been around various other comps (car stereo, strongman, etc..) and know when it's go time, it's no time.

Look forward to meeting you out there! DM me your number and we can link up!

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