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Originally Posted by big brother smoke View Post
Try the West Coast Offense package: Here
That's uncanny - I was just on Twitter looking at that pack!
Think I'll order some when I get some spare cash - I just wish we had the exchange rate we had a few years back! Any idea how much shipping to the UK would cost?

Thanks bigzthamoose - I guess it's the Brisket & Chicken I was wondering about the most - I get the feeling chicken is the mystery for many. Been practicing and I THINK we've got the bite-through skin down - Although I'm sure it's doing that under the pressures of competition that's the skill.

Great advice regarding every flavour (rub/injection/smoke/sauce) pulling together - All about finding that balance!

Can't wait to start competing - I guess it's practice, practice, practice in the meantime - Whilst battling our "Great" British weather of course!
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