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Originally Posted by flyingbassman5 View Post
Man, if only I could look at a Gator or Lang and think, "What a cheap piece of junk!" Your boss must be sitting on a pile of mulah!!

Maybe he should look at functionality over what actually looks "good". If he is turning down Langs and Gators then I'm not sure what companies will satisfy him.
So does he sound like the pickiest guy in the world? Now you know what I'm dealing with.

But to clarify, he doesn't think Langs and Gators look like junk and he knows they're awesome pits that will cook with the best of them. But those companies, especially Lang, fit into a certain price point; you get incredible value for your money all of the polished features being sacrificed. They basically look like the pit anybody's neighbor in Texas has. He wants something that will create a crowd and really *WOW* everybody. I've got a very, very generous budget to get that done.

I'll tell you if he had his way he'd get a Jambo, but he already called and their custom stuff is 6+ month wait with nothing ready to go.
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