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Default Need to find custom pitmaker in Texas ASAP!

Hey guys, my boss just told me today that he wants to have a contest/giveaway for our customers and wants to get a trailer pit. I need help finding a builder I can call that *hopefully* has something ready to go or almost ready to go that can get me a pit by December 17. Klose only has a 20"x5' family reunion available which my boss thinks is too small. Pits by JJ doesn't have anything available. By boss thought both Langs and Gators looked cheap. Jambo has a 6 month back log. I'm out of ideas. I'm hoping to find maybe a smaller builder who does great work but just isn't known so he doesn't have the huge wait like some of the bigger guys.

BTW, I'm in the Dallas area and we're willing to travel or pay delivery for a pit.

Any help guys?
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