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Default Experimentation...

I have to admit, keeping up with a line of 5 sauces and 4 rubs keeps me plenty busy. But, that doesn't stop my creative mind from always wanting to do more. Unfortunately, I won't be looking at mass producing any of these experiments (at this point in time). However, this doesn't mean that getting a hold of some of these is entirely impossible.

One of the first things I've experimented with lately is a super low carb sauce using stevia as the main sweetener. There was a horrific accident that caused me to lose half of the batch and I'm down to only 6 jars. I'll be up front though, there were two things I didn't take into account when formulating this sauce. 1 sweeteners are really strong. 2 the flavor profile changes as this sauce sits longer. In the end, to me, it is just some really good ketchup with a hint of smoke flavor to it. All and all, not bad but, I wouldn't call it exactly a BBQ Sauce. However, the numbers on it are excellent in 2 Tbs it contains 3 grams of sugar, 4.25 total carbs, and about 280mg of sodium.

The other experiment that is being conducted is to amp up my No Butz BBQ Sauce. As the world turns, hotter peppers are found and developed all of the time. I'm going to be playing with some Reaper Peppers. At this point I don't know what to expect but, I'm already figuring that there will only be about 24 jars available. I'm thinking about calling it No Butz Black Label.
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