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I cooked up two 10lb briskets for a work event. They cooked for about 14 hours at 225-250. I rubbed, injected and cooked them fat cap up. At hour 13 I probed the meat and the internal temp was at about 183 and soft. I was able to pull a small piece from the point with ease. Since they felt done I pulled them off an hour later and wrapped in foil and let sit in a cooler for another hour. I then proceeded to slice the flat which still had a good layer of the fat cap. The slices were very tender but kind of dry. On one end of the slices the meat was hard to keep together. When I went to chop and pull the point it was tender but still kind of fatty. What can I do to keep the flat moist, breakdown the fat and still be able to get good solid slices out of the flat?
A lot of brisket threads lately all asking pretty much the same question.

Hmmm - this one is tough? Tender - I used to think we were making tender brisket until we tried a truly tender and flavorful brisket which opened our eyes. Did you probe in several places around the flat or just the point? The point will be tender well ahead of the flat and if you pulled it at 183 sounds like it was pulled to early. Temp aside, when the flat probes with little or no resistance "like butter" it is done. Hmmm again? How long after you injected did it get put fat side up on the smoker? Oh, the fat cap will render a lot but there will be substantial fat at the end of the cook no matter what temp you cook at.
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