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Default Dry Brisket

I cooked up two 10lb briskets for a work event. They cooked for about 14 hours at 225-250. I rubbed, injected and cooked them fat cap up. At hour 13 I probed the meat and the internal temp was at about 183 and soft. I was able to pull a small piece from the point with ease. Since they felt done I pulled them off an hour later and wrapped in foil and let sit in a cooler for another hour. I then proceeded to slice the flat which still had a good layer of the fat cap. The slices were very tender but kind of dry. On one end of the slices the meat was hard to keep together. When I went to chop and pull the point it was tender but still kind of fatty. What can I do to keep the flat moist, breakdown the fat and still be able to get good solid slices out of the flat?
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