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Thumbs up Brethren PSA - Rules of Q-Talk threads related to the Throwdowns - PLEASE READ AND ABIDE!!!

Maybe you are reading this because you created a thread in the Q-Talk forum advertising the Throwdown Forum and it was moved or scrubbed by a Q-Talk moderator...
OR maybe you are reading this because you made a post in the ENTRY thread that was scrubbed or moved...
OR maybe you would like to know HOW you can make a LEGAL Q-Talk thread pointing to the Throwdowns...
OR maybe you are reading this because you can't figure out what the fark is going on in that DISCUSSION thread or how it relates to the Throwdowns!

Q-Talk threads can NOT be created for the following:
1. Posts that are primarily asking for people to vote in a Throwdown, whether for your dish or others are NOT allowed in Q-Talk.

2. Posts that are primarily just advertising the Throwdowns in order to draw in more interest or newer members are NOT allowed in Q-Talk. Only the Throwdown moderators are allowed to make a thread in Q-Talk inviting other members, and only ONE thread per category. This is due to the forum rules against cross-forum posting, which is the cluttering up of multiple forums around one topic.

YOU CAN create Q-Talk threads for the following:
1. A cooking thread detailing the creation of your dish which you either plan to enter in the Throwdown, or perhaps was just inspired by the Throwdown, in which you are welcome and encouraged to post a link to the TD entry thread. Q-Talk encourages the creation of threads showing what you cooked. You can even bump this thread later to announce that your dish won! Please note that bumping your cook thread is allowed, but do NOT create a whole new thread asking people to vote for your dish, etc.

The Difference Between the ENTRY threads and the DISCUSSION threads
1. The ENTRY thread is where the official category announcement is made. It is also where you post your entries you wish to submit to that particular Throwdown. Only QUALITY ON-TOPIC posts are allowed in this thread, similar in nature to the way threads operate in the Q-Talk forum. Watch out for that hijacking or you might be moderated.

2. The DISCUSSION thread is a general discussion thread created for each Throwdown category allowing for more free-form conversation, often drifting from on-topic to off-topic and back and forth again. BE WARNED that this thread has more relaxed rules and may contain some relatively mature innuendo so ENTER WITH CAUTION! Think of this thread like the party of adults on the deck drinking a few beers while the kids are running around in the backyard. Use some discretion but don't be afraid to have a fun time and crack some good jokes with your friends that maybe the kids won't fully understand. THIS IS NOT WOODPILE, more discretion is necessary, but these threads are pretty damn far from "squeaky clean".
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