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Originally Posted by Podge View Post
I would hope the people we have voted for use sound judgement and do what is right.
You should probably listen to the April Podcast. It's nearly 4 painful hours but without a signed contract in April a motion was passed to spend $30k on TOY. That after it was discovered that all of the windfall from the Tour last year had been allocated including building up the rainy day fund to what it was before they spent like crazy on the Tour. Until then it was being funded by the Tour proceeds.

Originally Posted by Divemaster View Post
I guess I would like to know where they spend the money now... A little open financial reporting would be nice.
I've never seen a financial statement for the last 2 or 3 years. Why are they not posted on the website. Maybe you want to ask the BOD.

Originally Posted by Scottie View Post
They need to reinvest as well. While those huge money contests are awesome.. In reality, how does that effect the entire membership? Or does it cater to a select few? Don't get me wrong, I travel and I also cook in a few contests a year. But spread the wealth... Don't just reward the TOY teams... I am not in anyway diminishing their accomplishments, for what they are capable of doing is amazing.

I also want any monies that are committed to the end of the year TOY race be published PRIOR to the start of the season. This year it was Lakeland. Some teams that actually have to work for a living, might of had enough time to figure out how they could 'try' to get a piece of that.

Lastly, I believe that their philantropy should be expanded 10 fold if we are taking in that kind of monies. Don't get me wrong, my foundation has been rewarded with Grants from the KCBS. But we could also spend it on hurricane relief, flooding in Nashville, earthquakes, etc. We could help feed the children of our nation. There are numerous causes that we could support.

Those are some ideas off the top of my head.
And here's from the quick notes for the May meeting. Pay attention to who voted yes or no.

Quote Quick notes: Merl Whitebook made a motion that KCBS allocate funds, beginning the current year an amount equal or greater to the amount funded by KCBS for Team of the Year in any calendar year, to a fund restricted for charitable, philanthropic, education and scholarship purposes. The motion was seconded by Gene Goycochea.

After discussion, Paul Kirk called for the Vote. The motion was seconded by Merl Whitebook.

8 yes, 0 no, 0 abstentions

Mike Budai no
Paul Kirk no
Gene Goycochea yes
Carol Whitebook no
Candy Weaver no
Don Harwell yes
Tana Shupe no
Merl Whitebook yes

3 yes, 5 no, 0 abstentions
The motion to create a restricted charitable fund fails
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