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I share the same thoughts, tacton. Is the Q at the Sugarfires in IN, KY, or CO, where the Chef and Pitmaster are not there in person regularly, as good as at the original location? Or even the locations far out in the St.L burbs, like Washington, Farmington, etc? Makes me think of places like Dickey's. You'd think they had to be good somewhere sometime to be successful enough to get as big as they are, but when I had it was kind of underwhelming. Incidentally, I had Dickey's here in StL when what is now the original Sugarfire location used to be a Dickey's. I digress...

Yeah I'm a fan of Salt & Smoke too. Been there a few times now. While we're on the topic of StL Q...if any of you St. Louis guys haven't been to Beast Butcher & Block yet, you need to go. Holy cow it is sooo good. All the meat is just awesome, but the SRF Wagyu brisket is amazing. Well worth the splurge once in awhile. The sides are great, not just an afterthought like they seem to be at too many BBQ places I've been. I've been to the one in the Grove a few times now, but their original spot is still open in Belleville.

Also been meaning to check out Knockout BBQ on South Grand and Hogtown Smokehouse in Dogtown. And I still haven't made it to Adam's Smokehouse, although I know it's not all that new anymore, in relative terms.

Any other St. Louis BBQ restaurants we should know about, besides the obvious Pappy's and Bogart's? Anyone been to the Stellar Hog, Spare No Rib, or The Shaved Duck?
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