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Default T&K Reverse Flow smoker

I saw an old thread on this, but can't reply to it, so I figured I'd start another one.

I just bought a Large Reverse Flow T&K Smoker from the St. Louis BBQ Store solely because of that thread and the fact that it was 10% off helped too.

So far, I've burned it in and done 1 cook on it. The burn in, I filled up the charcoal basket with 36 lbs of briquettes, fired her up with a BBQ Guru CyberQ, set her to 250 and let her run. This was at about 3:30 last Thursday. I went to bed that night and it was still going strong. Woke up the next morning and it was holding at ~180.

Curious at this, I went outside and obviously the fan was blowing like crazy trying to bring it to temp. Opened the burn pit and there was still a ton of unburnt charcoal, which was confusing. So I looked around a bit and my dumb ass didn't open the fan vent on the Guru.

I opened the vent and it shot back up in no time and ended up running until late in the afternoon, so over 24 hours, which is very impressive to me.

As for the cook, I threw in 4 shoulders, a trimmed and separated brisket, and 3 racks of ribs and still had a ton of room. Max capacity according to the manufacturer is 8 briskets, 24 butts, 20-24 racks of ribs (put in 3 more grates and you can do 38-42 is my guess), 16 chickens, or 4-6 large turkeys.

I had two problems with the smoker - the cook chamber door was squeaking very loudly and was difficult to open/close, defeating the purpose of a slam latch, and the latch for the burn chamber wasn't lining up quite right.

I messaged them on Facebook and they replied right away. They informed me that there are grease zerks on all the hinges and probably just need to get hit with a grease gun, and that I would need to adjust the nuts on the latch to get it working as it should. Both of those suggestions resolved my issues and it's now working perfectly.

I could not be happier with my purchase and the support provided to me by the pit maker. I would highly suggest these pits to anyone looking to buy one.

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