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I seasoned my LSG per the instructions Chris has on his website. I spent a day keeping the temp right at 250 wit no food in the cooker. It gave me a chance to learn how the cooker drafted, how big a fire was needed to maintain 250, and how much of the intake to keep open. One other thing I learned is that my post oak was not as seasoned as I thought it was. Some pieces burned well while others were little more wet.

All in all I am glad I spent that day just watching the fire and drinking a couple of beers while learning the cooker. It was time well spent and definitely set me up for success on the first cook after the seasoning. But the most important thing is after that day I had confidence in my skill with the cooker.

Today he pit looks good as new and I can easily control temperatures although the sweet spot seems to be right at 275.

You'll love your LSG.
LSG 24x48 Offset, 36" Circle J Fab fire pit grill, Kamado Joe Big Joe
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