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Originally Posted by HankB View Post
I'm trying bigger sticks now. They don't light as easy so I've added some smaller sticks as well. I'm not using any charcoal beyond what I used to get the fire going. For this cook I'm determined to stick with sticks but I'll keep charcoal as a future option.

Like Bill said near the end of the movie, "You didn't think it was gonna be that easy, did you?" I expect a learning curve and don't expect everything to be perfect on my very first cook. I'll be happy if I get some decent 'Q out of this and hope to learn something from the effort that makes things easier/better on the next go 'round.
you gotta get those sticks really hot before adding them and give them a lot of air at first

no sin in using a handful of charcoal now and again. Lots of people do... I do and I sleep at night just fine ;)
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