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Originally Posted by nweave2614 View Post
I just bought a cabinet style smoker and I went with the LSG Mini, I had seriously considered the ironside slugger since I wanted to be able to cook on wood only but after reading some people do a 70/30 and even up to a 60/40 split on their LSG's I figured I could get a good smoke flavor and LSG had some features that I really liked.

I have cooked on mine 3 times now and every time it has not disappointed, the food has been excellent. I run a fireboard so the temp control is easy for me, it will fluctuate in about a 15 degree band as the fan kicks on and off.

The biggest cook I did was on the 4th of July I loaded the mini with the following.

6 racks of spares
10 lb pork shouder
14 lb brisket
5 lb pork belly burnt ends
2 fatties

It was the most meat I had ever cooked at once and the Mini ran like a champ all day.

I ordered mine with all of the extra racks and rails and I will say that my only complaint at this point is that I cannot get a full depth pan in between each rack with it fully loaded, they are about a quarter inch to close together, I have to jam the pan in there to make it fit. I have not been able to find full size pans that are like medium depth but when I do it will be perfect.
Do you mind telling which options you like on the LSG that aren't on the Ironside? I as well mainly considered Ironside for the all wood type cooks, but sounds like it's not completely necessary seeing you've had some excellent cooks. Thanks for sharing the one item re: full pans.
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