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Originally Posted by m-fine View Post
You can buy a half cow (or whole) and ask the butcher to leave the bone on the brisket for you. The downsides are the high upfront cost and the minor inconvenience of having a few hundred pounds of additional beef you need to consume.

The other option is to find a butcher who does the slaughtering or who regularly butchers whole or half cows and make arrangements. Most retail "butchers" these days are getting meat already broken down and cryovaced, but if you live near enough to where beef is being raised, you should be able to find someone doing the high level cutting. Locally we have the Amish/Mennonite butchers and the localvore free range grass fed hipster butchers plus a couple of other shops that can do special cuts by request. You just have to be willing to ask.
^^^ This is why I love this site. Thanks, man.
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