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New to the site and just got my Bandera - my first smoker. It looks very similar to the way yours did before your remod. Great job...I'm curious if you could give me an idea of what worked best for you when cleaning it up, inside and out. Also, can you give a brief template for the cutting board modification you added?



I may have gone overboard on the restoration (20 hours)... But any job worth doing is worth doing right. For rust removal I used an angle grinder (worth buying a new tool---only way to go) with a brush, and sometimes with a more aggressive sanding pad. Than I took the thing completely apart for more rust removal. Painted (before reassembly) and rebuilt with new hardware. More paint after reassembly. Inside I just ran a wire brush on a drill to knock off what I could and than wiped down with oil which took care of most of the rust ---not much clean up inside really because it's pointless.

For the smaller parts I was fortunate enough to find a moth balled sand blaster at work. Got it running, cleaned up the small parts, and called it a day.

The folding cutting board mod was inspired by this forum. I saw someone that did their own woodwork, but I thought a cutting board would be cheaper and much quicker! I bought folding shelf brackets from Found a cutting board for $10 at TJ Maxx. I looked EVERYWHERE for one that would fit and didn't cost a ton. TJ Maxx was the last place I'd think to look, but is the only place that even came close. Not really any sort of template to offer on this portion---I just used a tape measure and looked for something that fit.

The only really 'original' idea I had on this restoration was using a stainless steel dog bowl to use as a replacement water bowl---perfect fit.
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