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Default What would you charge?

A friend of mine has opened a cafe and has a corned beef sandwich on the menu- he wants to make the switch to pastrami and has asked me to do the smoking. Back story we did an event and made pastrami sandwiches, made 5 packers.

He threw the number of 15-20 bi weekly out there. He would be doing the brining, he has a commercial kitchen & all the permits. I am in the process of getting permits/insurance to vend and cook onsite. I have thought about the idea of a trade off... I smoke for him if I can use the commercial kitchen to do prep for popups. There is also a courtyard outside of his business that he'll let me set up and sell bbq at. Would make sense to do it at the location so we can just roll them into his walk in cooler.

Assuming you were to take up this task, what would you charge for the service?
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