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Well... Remember, years ago I put out the "night train brisket" which had a primary goal of showing feel and potential of the meat before you go and try it with real equipment.

the other day I needed to do some trigg ribs. Once the smoke was done... After the wrap... Guess where the ribs went?... Then of course they were set on the pit again.

I wish to also point out that a week later I tried it on my PBC and burned the **** out of them .... What is the variable? No heat shield. But what got me back on track the quickest is in my mind... I still knew I COULD get there cuz I did with the big lie. I could more quickly modify knowing that too. By the way.... I read somewhere that triggs glaze sets with just the heat in the foil and not put back in. I can't seem to do that.
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