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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Originally Posted by Pitmaster T View Post
Attachment 138784I am glad you wrote this. A few years ago you would have gotten a little beef over the use of oven. To this I say, look; competition people do it all the way because its in the rules and their manhood. After a while we have nothing to prove.

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I have a roaster outside that is dedicated to briskets. I can have four. But one stays on a table and I just bring in the pan and lid part when done. I secretly call it the "big lie" and when people come over, its there; offering its peppery smell and turned down to 170 or so - maybe lower. I don't tell them its been in there since the morning (I typically do overnights and cook really low (like 200) or early mornings and a bit higher 230 until it close then a 180 or lower ride in. Remember you are cooking the meat.
And I typically fire up the UDS low or with the PBC - small fire and low for the cooking of sausage or what-nots when the guests arrive. By the way... some of my best chicken is pulled at 140 (knuckle still bound) and plopped in a 160=170 roaster for a long, tender ride up. This is a Papa;s BBQ trick.

But back to briskets - You can also smoke to color, vac, freeze - thaw unwrap and throw in the roaster overnight. This takes forever so its an overnight strategy. On roasters generally, unless elevating on a substantive rack keep the fat STILL down.

A lot of this started when I stored my stick burner and started in on the UDS and PBC. On the UDS (and remember my UDS burns 21 hours) I was too cheap to use the rest of the coals so on the roaster it went. no bbq smell in the kitchen either (gets old).

The PBC was simply hook... cook... drop when you have the color.

Then when I went to brisket tacos I really did this.

Part of the reason we have for slow starts is ring and smoke taste. After a bit you really don't take on much more. Then a fast ride to that all encompassing, fat rendering, collagen slathering point....then... slow... slow as you stay in that "nearly done" mode.

Its how long you can stay in that zone that true magic occurs.

i so loved u shared this
One of the Masters speaks!!

Thank you, Donnie.
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