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Dear Brothers,
This is a very sensitive area. Some us of own and operate legitimate food service operations.

Others dabble, toy, and experiment with the possibilities of going into business for themselves.

There is sometimes a fine line between cooking for a group of friends, and actually performing a catering service.
Where that line begins and ends is sometimes only up to local ordinances and requirements. It is best for you to look at the many aspects before venturing into such endevours.

As I have tried to convey to everyone here, there are great dangers in the food handling industry and at home.

Kevin has pointed out one very real danger. A danger so real, that lives, property, and reputation as well as other things could be lost.

Most all of us think our "Q" is the best in the world. And when people tell us just that, it is overwhelmingly one of the most beautiful things to the ear.

Thoughts of grandour and fame quickly leap into our minds. The prospect of making some money doing something we love so much, is beyond alluring.
It is intoxicating.

And it is this that makes it so important to follow proper procedures and guidelines when considering any catering proposition.

Kevin averted possible disaster by following a gut instinct. Others might not be so lucky to have such skills, and or to follow them.
It may not even been his food that caused illness, but he would have been "Grouped" with everyone who did provide food, until at least some scientific studying proved who the culpret was.

But there probably will always be conflict on this subject of whether something is catering or not. Whether a permit or license is needed, or if insurance is required etc.

It is up to you to find these things out, and proceed accordingly. Period.
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