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Originally Posted by butts
I'll be the first to call you out...I'f you're not a caterer then don't try to be one. If you don't have a proper kitchen, health inspections, insurance, etc..., then don't sell your services. Anytime you "act" as a caterer you low ball real caterers and make the industry more expensive for the legit businesses. Cook for your friends and neighbors, but you are not allowed to sell anything without the proper foundation.

Sorry, not trying to be harse here but that's the way it is.
Actually, it doesnt have to be that way.... there are many carnivals/shows/fairs that allow you to get a temporary permit, and health dept. approval and sell away. Most don't require insurance, either -- however I wouldnt suggest cooking without a specific policy, or an umbrella policy that covers your wares. Many places have different rules for outfits that only cook onsite as well.... that is how many "Chris Cakes" are able to run out of a truck, vs. a kitchen/commisary.
Lots of great info in alot of the threads and polls in this forum. Joe and team have put a heck of alot of great info out there. I think all of us strive to do the best we can, and the addition of the Food Handling and Awareness forum is chocked full of good detail, for anyone looking to have proper food safety - cooking for neighbors, or for a wedding.
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