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I understand what you are saying, but have a problem with it as well. If it is the best Q, then it should win. Maybe I'm just not cut out to be a competition cook.

Certainly not meaning to stir up anything

My "home que" is meant for the friends, family, and neighbors.
I use no rubs, just inject (as appropriate) and spray.
Ribs are "fall off the bone".
Most Brisket is chopped or pulled for samiches.
No "aging" or other tedious chores.
Buy good stuff, prep it, cook it, and enjoy!
I do not even fuss over skin on the chickie (fact is, I just pull it off first--easy).

Just great food for the "consumers".

In competetion, my "consumer" is the judges.
To get great scores from them, we have to make them happy,
We must conform to their expectations, norms, and tastes if we want to succeed.
"Best" is in their mind--not mine (although I wish it were).
I have no problem with that at all.

Just looking for "the edge" to help.

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