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Originally Posted by Cigarbque View Post
I am also very interested to hear how folks with more experience have condensed and optimized their storage and workflow.

I have a 6' x 12' single axle trailer that needs to haul 4 Gateway Drums. Total load capacity is like 1300 pounds and the 4 drums are probably 360 pounds of it.

In bad weather I need to work in the trailer otherwise I'm out under two EZ Ups tents. I also mostly cook alone so minimizing what I need to deal with is a constant learning process. I use a Craftsman rolling tool chest for cookware like injectors knives etc. I was planning on a microwave to heat sauces since I no longer would need pots. Just heat the plastic container.

I'm sure a pro could cut out at least half of what I haul around.

mount speed rails to the walls of your trailer one for foil, and two for spices, sugar, sauce etc... I also use a knife case that I hang from suction cups attached to the wall that way they are in front of me when I need them. Dishes like muffin pans, fat separator, pot for chicken sauce, etc all go in a tote under my work table. ditch the microwave, and keep one of your drums hot and heat sauce up on that in pans. I use an empty cooler to put all my dishes in. anything that I'm not going to need to use onsite again get's put in the cooler. Takes about 40 minutes to do all the dishes the next day at home, but it's worth it.
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