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Originally Posted by Colemanchu View Post
Great post. It will save a lot of people a few cases of beer and half a notebook of scribbles scouring the UDS thread.

Also what are the pros/cons of the stubby. I still have 2/3 of a drum, the other 1/3 of which I used for the top of my UDS.
I breakout the Stubby DrumPit when I am cooking food that requires less time to be done or when I want a higher temperature to cook with.

I use a squatty Charcoal Basket for the Stubby...

I also light more Charcoal for it. Usually half a Chimney Load.
When the coals are ready I spread them evenly across the top of the unlit and place a disc harrow blade upon the top of the basket.

At the higher cooking temp, the Stubby Drumpit is a Chicken Cooking Machine..

Crispy, Tasty Skin!!!

The Drawback overall is less cooking time per load of Charcoal. I get about 5 hours max from a load of Charcoal,
which is more than enough time to cook up several batches of Chicken.

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