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It depends on states, but so called "Cottage Laws" generally won't cover proteins, so you'll have to jump through all the same hoops you would if you were to open a restaurant or food truck. You'll likely need to pay for a commissary kitchen as that is where you will need to do all of your prep work and cooking...good lucking trying to cook on a wood smoker in most areas as well. There's a reason why certain areas have zero BBQ places and a lot of it is because the local health departments refuse to allow people to cook on wood smokers.

Just make sure you know what you're getting into...liability, food safety, state food code, etc.. Doing this is unfortunately opening massive can of worms and it's likely why someone else isn't already filling the "BBQ void" at your farmers market.

Also, there's ZERO chance of making any kind of profit by cooking SRF Waygu briskets. You'll need to look into something like Sam's Club or Restaurant Depot. Sam's Club is OK, but wholly unreliable in terms of what they will have when you show up. Sometimes the bins are full of briskets, and other times they have reason the butcher gives me is "nothing showed up on the truck this morning." Restaurant Depot is much better in terms of availability but you'll need an EIN and / or business license to shop there...this can be altered by having a KCBS membership though as that will grant you access to Restaurant Depot.

Good luck but be VERY thorough when it comes to the liabilities and hoops involved before you start serving food to the public. It's usually not worth the effort or cost.
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