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Default Not trying to impress anyone

Originally Posted by poorolddan View Post
You got to get off the Prime or better grade kick. You will be hard pressed to find enough high end buyers who will pay you enough to keep from losing your ass. That is not what you want to teach your son. Also profitable vending depends on returning regular customers. Only selling every other Sat won't impress anyone.
keep in mind we aren’t trying to impress anyone by selling weekly. Just trying to impress with quality which I think is extremely important. . If I break even I’m happy, if I slightly lose I’m happy because it’s more of the experience for my son. He’s five so he won’t understand profitability vs losing money quite yet. He will understand teamwork, hard work, follow through, community. I understand what your saying but your viewing this as a business, it’s more a hobby with intent to not lose too much. If I buy in bulk I have to be able to keep costs down some on prime via Costco or restaurant depot. Most of the town comes over for bbq already, I know I can draw enough people in an environment that produces people walking by you with zero competitors for bbq. I’m really just about sourcing, local farms seem to be the way
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