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All due respect, you guys are correct in suggesting what you have however, I was posting this so that "post production" would not be necessary on the photos. Once you have all your settings correct in the camera you won't need to mess with the images afterwards. 90% of the images I post are untouched. Which if you wanted to tweak them in photoshop or iphoto afterwards it (usually) can only get better right? Thanks for sharing though, very useful to know.


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Photoshop Bridge makes white balance a snap and if you have a mac, iPhoto has the white balance adjustment tool that is just as easy. White balance is great since you can take low light pics without having to use your flash and make everything look washed out. Great post/article!!!
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Raw capture and Lightroom solve many of life's problems!!
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1 - 100 lb. self-made cylinder smoker
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