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Default O.K. Funky Brother..................................;}-

You'll remember me as BBQFANS, having read your threads and as oldschoolbbq ranting about keeping the lid closed,and leaving it closed! I don't profess to be a professional nor do I think my way is best...just that when I Smoke , I do it like the old Black men did when I was young.
You'll know what I'm saying(Funky),get down and ready to cook,and get a hold on your equipment(know it).
Put your meat in their 'sauna' and let them go.Keep them happy by leaving them alone!
When I do a lot of meat at one time,I do like kinds, in the heat they need to be and shut my trap.There's no-one inthere that's gonna steal it, and any Critter wanting "Que" that bad;might be good eats himself!
Point-put meat in the Smoker and LEAVE IT ALONE. Why?
Here's the reason: You create your heat,getting it to cooking temp. and add the meat. Then 10min. later you think,I better check it...WHY?
As you cook, there is a little Atmosphere created in the cooking chamber. This is caused by the heat from your source,which causes pressure(basic Physics),this then heats the meat and the pressure keeps moisture in,that which does come out of the meat , evaporates on the metal of your cooker creating a moist atmosphere.Left alone, the pressures will equal and the moisture in the meat will remain intact.
Also by leaving your lid shut,you get a better Bark and the point will almost fall off the Flat.
Keep doing what you are doing and have fun...

SZtan aka oldschoolbbq
SMOKE HAPPY ;}- I'm not crazy,my reality is just different than yours!
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